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The books that I review are generally novels that I've picked up at the bookstore for one reason or another: they are part of a series that I'm reading or by an Author that I particularly like, the title/cover/description of the book caught my eye, or sometimes they are books that have been recommended to me by other readers.  

I do occasionally work with a couple of promotion companies for some of the reviews, cover reveals and blitz posts that I share. Authors can always approach these promoters to get more notice for their books. If you are interested in the contact info for the promotion companies that I work with me contact me and I'll happy to pass the information along.

I will read and review anything but generally stick to the following genres: romance - historical, contemporary, futuristic, paranormal; fantasy and YA. 

Princess Z will be available to read and review YA and children's fiction. 

We don't review every book that we read - there are just too many - but we try to do as many reviews as we can.

Do you have suggestions or requests for reviews?  You can now fill in this simple form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible... Click on the following link to fill in your request:

The above form can also be used to submit review requests for movies, TV shows, fanfiction stories and music.

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