Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Favourites?!?!?!

So for anyone who has read this blog in the past, or even if you've just arrived and managed to do a little bit of sleuthing around the different pages, you will know (or could know) several things about me...

1) I review what I like - whether it's people, authors, books, tv shows, movies, music or whatever. I do take requests and suggestions but I try to be the type of reviewer that doesn't say much if I don't have something positive to say.

2) I like romance, comedy, history and the paranormal - not everything I discuss falls under these headings but a lot, okay, okay, most does.

3) On a personal note, I'm a mom of three kids, I'm a trained dancer, trained gymnast and certified gymnastics coach. I went to university for my BSc in Biochemistry and though I found it interesting, knew really quickly that it probably wasn't something that I was going to pursue forever.

4) I'm a writer - of my own original fiction and of FanFiction as well.

5) Combine these facts, with myriad others I'm not going to bother mentioning, and you come up with an extremely busy person with a vast array of interests, hobbies and responsibilities. To wit: try as I might to stick to a schedule, I'm an inconsistent blogger.

But boy, when I find something to talk about its hard to get me to shut up! LOL!

Today I'm introducing one of new favourites this season on TV.

Bunheads - the new series by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, which combines great talent, creative production and coreography, and a similar comedic style as what fans loved in the GG series. As an added bonus there are numerous familiar faces in this show. One of the things that I really love with this show are the dance class or performance scenes that are worked into nearly every episode.

May absolute favourite dance of the season comes right at the end of the season finale! 'Making Whoopee' is fun, with creative choreography and style. And really just gives me so many ideas for my own choreography, writing and... Check it out! (I'm having some technical difficulties sharing this video, but copy and paste the address - and enjoy! - and I'll get back to fix this as soon as I can!)