My Fanfiction

Around the same time that I really got hooked on romance novels, I started to peruse fan fiction websites.  At first I just wanted to read about the characters in my favorite TV shows (of the time) and from my favorite books too.  After a while it occurred to me that I could probably write a fan fiction story that was at least as good as the ones that I'd been reading.  So I did it.  Personally I've got 5 published stories - 4 of them complete and 1 that is still a work-in-progress.  

These five stories are all based on the WB's Gilmore Girls which aired from 2000 - 2007. While I've only written about Gilmore Girls, I also read stories about the TV shows One Tree Hill, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, House M.D., Numbers, and a few others when I get the urge.  And I read fanfics about the books/series: Dark-Hunters, Carpathians, BDB, KMM Fever and some others when I find them.

To follow the Gilmore Girls stories that I've written, follow the links below and when I find other stories that I think are particularly good I'll post the links here as well.  Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy!!

When the Going Gets Tough - set during season 7, Rory worries when Logan goes to Las Vegas with Colin and Finn, but after talking to Lorelai she realizes that together she and Logan can get through it. Can she convince Logan of the same thing? And when Mitchum is involved can she really be sure? [one-shot, finished]

Road to Heaven - Starts season 5 at Finn's Birthday Party. AU Will contain tidbits from the show but is a complete AU twist of the Rogan relationship! They start with a nostring relationship but things have a ways of changing when you least expect them to... [ch 20, finished]

Best is Yet to Come - post 'The Party's Over', season 5... what happens when tragedy strikes and Rory finds herself hurt and alone? Who will help and what will come of it? What secrets has Lorelai been keeping? Extremely AU, somewhat dark, very OOC at times... be warned! [ch 27, finished]

Bridging the Gap - post series finale, virtual season 8... Rory and Logan both made mistakes in the end, but can they make things right again? Or are some mistakes too great? [ch 9, finished]

An Ending or a New Beginning - alternate ending of series, could be virtual season 8... Logan proposes and when Rory tells him she's not ready to get married, they break up. As some time passes and their feelings for each other don't change, they each debate whether they did the right thing and where to go from there. [ch 15, finished] 

Ever Changing Life - my brand new story! Picks up a few days after the infamous 'final four words' of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival: A Year in the Life. What happens next? We follow how life changes for Rory, now that her life is not merely her own. [in progress] [this story is published on AND Wattpad!] 

While the majority of my focus is on writing my original works these days, I still throw my hand in every once in a while to write a new fan fiction story for my fans and followers.