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2-for-1 REVIEW of Voices and Whispers by R.E. Rowe

Voices by R.E. Rowe
The Reincarnation Series, #1
Publication date: February 27th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

In a small town in Arkansas, two lives that seemingly have nothing in common will converge and change each other forever.  A brilliant but tormented street artist and an ex-track star whose career was cut short by a heart condition.
Aimee DeLuca had a promising athletic career before her heart gave out during a high school track and field contest. Aimee struggles to find her way after spending time with a deceased grandmother during a near death experience. Reizo Rush is a street artist whose torment fuels his desire to add color to the gray walls of the city. But Reizo’s tagging and the two voices only he hears land him in perpetual trouble with both his teachers and the law.
During a chance encounter, the two quickly find out they have much more in common than love. When they stumble upon a century-old storm cellar hidden underground on Aimee’s uncle’s ranch, they unearth a cellar full of artifacts and a hundred-year-old Will. Once the news of the discovery leaks out, a drug-dealing teen and a mysterious soul named General are determined to bury the truth along with anyone who gets in their way.
Whispers by R.E. Rowe 
The Reincarnation Series, #2

Publication date: February 27th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult


In this paranormal thriller sequel to Voices, the war to create a perfect reincarnation system begins.

General believes the existing system is already perfect: to know “joy” every soul must experience “suffering.” But a rogue soul named Carmina believes the system is outdated and flawed. She is determined to prove that joy can exist without suffering.

When Carmina and her team of reincarnated teenagers hack the system to change its outdated rules, Reizo is recruited to stop them. But Reizo could care less about rules or any ridiculous system until a mysterious soul named General leaves him no choice.

Follow Carmina, Reizo and Aimee in their extraordinary journey to make the reincarnation system perfect.

When Rick isn't dreaming, you'll find him trying to discover why, figuring out how, uncovering ancient mysteries, writing a crazy fun middle-grade or young adult novel, inventing something seriously cool, or learning something new. He enjoys participating in science camps, writing conferences and talking to groups about creative topics such as the process of inventing, building worlds for science fiction and fantasy stories, and the importance of dreaming big.

Rick is a lifelong inventor and a named inventor on over one hundred patents. He has degrees in Avionics Systems Technology, Computer Science and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. His experience includes a wide range of engineering, technology development and management roles ranging from aerospace systems to gaming systems. He is a proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

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Reizo Rush hears voices. At school they call him the "Crazy Kid" because he tends to talk to himself and occasionally reacts over-enthusiastically and violently due to the voices he hears. Aimee De Luca was officially dead for more than 40 minutes. During that time she had an experience that would change her forever once she was returned to life. 

When they meet and connect at the pond on Aimee's families farm (in VOICES), neither could have imagined the impact they'd have on each others lives. Neither could have imagined what they would become to each other. And neither of them could have anticipated the outcome of the course of events that they embark upon together. 

WHISPERS picks up right where VOICES left off. Reizo Rush is mourning the loss of Aimee, who died at the end of the first book and the voices he's heard in his head for years have been silenced by meds. Yet, while he's finally got the quiet in his mind that he's always wanted and he still has his artistic skill and passion, he's not quite sure how to live without Aimee. 

And then suddenly her voice is in his head too. And she's asking for his help. 

Her plea for help leads him on the adventure of a lifetime, one not necessarily always good. But through his travels he meets Mack, Richard, Bree and an assortment of other characters. His old pals, those two voices in his head, return and he finally learns why he can hear them and how he's different from other people. 

Everything he does is for his love of Aimee and for his mom.  When they're threatened, he reacts, and when he reacts, he discovers some truly amazing things about himself. 

This is one of those books that when I finished reading it, I had to take a minute and just absorb the feelings that surrounded me - my own and the ones that emerged from the book. I've lucked out recently and stumbled upon, or had placed in my path, several extremely great books that have wowed me. WHISPERS by R.E. Rowe, and its predecessor VOICES, are two such books. 

I don't know if I can even begin to pinpoint the things in these books that I love. Really, it's not just one thing, or even a couple of things. It's not one character, though I do love Reizo. It's not the basis of the story line - do the rules of reincarnation need to be revamped? - though I really find the whole story line utterly fascinating.  It's not any one thing but all of them entangled together to make an unforgettable story of love, life, loss and joy, and what we can do to truly experience the journey. 

If you're looking for a new read, I whole-heartedly recommend both books in the Reincarnation series by R.E. Rowe - book one, VOICES, and book two, WHISPERS. 

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Can You Fall in Love Again? A REVIEW of Rebounding

Rebounding by Shanna Clayton
Publication date: June 15th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Charlotte Hart will do anything to escape the life she once adored, even if that means moving in with a mysterious guy from her past.


When the girl who saved Max Archer’s life shows up on his doorstep, he knows he can’t turn her away.

Neither of them can let go of their pasts. Both of them are living a lie. If they can’t figure out how to rebound, they’re destined to crash and burn.


I'm not sure if my mother predestined me to become a romance author when she named me after her favorite Kathleen Woodiwiss book, but that's what happened. Now I live and breathe all things books. When I'm not glued to my desk writing, I can be found eating too much chocolate, obsessing over Game of Thrones, and cyber stalking my favorite authors. Keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram. I love hearing from readers!

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Charlotte has defined herself, looked at herself, and been looked at in one way nearly all her life. She and her ex were together so long (and with every plan for the future) that they were thought of as one. So what's a girl to do when her heart is broken and she's betrayed by that 'other half'? How does she redefine herself and move on when she's left broken? 

In this case, for Charlotte it's picking up and leaving town. It's leaving the places that went into shaping the "old her" and finding a new place, and a new chance, to discover who she can now become. 

Max lives with just one goal. Okay maybe two. He doesn't want any connections, he's not looking for a relationship and he definitely doesn't want to feel or to care about anyone else. Because he knows, better than most, that when you feel and the more you care, the more you have to lose. 

They met one dark evening when she saved his life. He wants to repay the debt. 

A couple years later when she shows up unexpectedly on his doorstep she's ready to cash in the favour she's owed, and he's helpless to do anything but help her. 

I knew absolutely nothing about this book when I opened it to start reading. Having no expectations, I find, is better than being disappointed when something doesn't live up to the hype...

So I didn't know that I'd be amused by Trevor and Stephanie - Max's cousin and his girlfriend. 

I didn't know my heart would pound in anger and sympathy while Charlotte dealt with her ex, Miles. 

I didn't know my heart would break for Max and the suffering, seemingly unending, that's he's lived with since he was just a boy. 

I didn't know that watching Max and Charlotte come together, seeing them work through the tangles of their own minds and the expectations they've put on their own lives, would make my heart melt. 

And I didn't know that I would cry when they did, or would laugh when they laughed, or that I would love them while they came to love each other. 

When I started reading REBOUNDING by Shanna Clayton I had no worries of being disappointed. However, I also had no idea that I would be amazed. Not every story reaches my heart. Not every romance makes me fall in love. But REBOUNDING has, it does, and I think that if you read it you'll find yourself touched as well. 

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EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY for Othello Station

Othello Station by Rachael Wade
Publication date: June 22nd 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance

Every woman in my life is supposed to be like Othello Station – a last stop. Unless they know how to keep their distance. I’ve managed to maintain a routine, one that works for me and one I have no intention of ever changing. But this dove came along. Soft and delicate, tainting my thoughts. I can think of twenty different ways to get rid of her. I need this dove to take flight.

But she won’t fly away.

She won’t release me from her cage.

Her wings ensnare me.

And now I want to get off this train. I wish I never boarded this ride. Because I’m about to crash and take this dove with me. But sometimes you can’t stop the crash. Sometimes you just have to hang on and let the flames ignite. Let the fire burn.

Sometimes, the fire is what saves you.

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. Visit her at www.RachaelWade.com and www.LightsOnOutreach.com, or come chat with her on Twitter via @RachaelWade.

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Not even a minute passes when I realize I have no glasses. Not even little plastic cups in the bathroom.

Seriously? This is a four star hotel in downtown Seattle. The reviews are great; the place is clean, classy, and well kept. And yet they leave one chick to fend for herself at the front desk and fail to provide even the most basic necessities in the rooms? I’m a hotel snob. My standards might be high. But seriously?

This shit is crazy. I throw on my coat, jog out of the room, and head down to the front desk.


Mira’s on the phone, making a coffee for a displeased customer, and attempting to shuffle through a
pile of paperwork. When she spots me, she eyes me cautiously for a moment, then returns her attention to the multitasking at hand.

I wander to the edge of the desk and wait patiently until she serves the coffee and hangs the phone up.

Her nose scrunches and she winces. “Is the wine no good? Do you want that cash back? Because—”

“No.” I lift a hand. “I just need some glasses.”

“There are none in your room?”


She bites her lip, and my gaze follows. It’s far from seductive. She’s nervous as hell. But something about it makes my cock twitch. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. Unless you’re the housekeeping department, too. In which case, I wouldn’t be

She jumps toward the bar and begins the search for the glasses. “No,” she laughs awkwardly, “of course not.”

“Well. That’s a relief.”

She returns with one glass.

“I need two. I’m having company.”

She’s dumbstruck. A tinge of red paints her cheeks. “Oh! Yes, of course.” She hands me a second.
“Anything else for you?”

“Yeah…” I veer around the desk toward the bar and snatch a menu from the counter. “Can I order some food to go?”

“Absolutely. Give me just a second.” She straightens a pile of paperwork and reaches for a notepad
before joining me at the cash till. I watch her glance over her shoulder, then eye the phone. She’s a
million miles away. She’s overwhelmed, is what she is.

“Are you the cook, too?”

“Pfftt.” She waves and puffs her lips. “God, no.”

“Actually, nevermind.” I set the menu down and slide the glasses toward her. “I’ll be back to get these. I’m going to grab something to eat around the corner instead, here in Belltown.”

“Wait! You don’t have to do that. I’m really not the cook, I swear!”

“I certainly hope not.” My bland expression must affect her, because she retreats right back into her
shell, like a scared turtle.

“Well, I’d be happy to recommend some places to eat.” Her voice softens, and I suddenly feel like an
asshole. I’m good at that, apparently.

“I know Belltown pretty well. Thanks, though.”

Her shoulders sag a little, but she smiles kindly and wishes me a good night. I head outside into nightfall and sail around the corner, crossing two blocks until I reach my favorite dive bar. I order wings and a salad to go and wait outside while they put my order in.

Asian lovers stroll by, feeding one another gelato. A valet driver whistles at his colleague from the curb, his face lighting up with laughter. So much life, buzzing all around me, but nothing dwells within. Not since he passed away. Not since I’ve dedicated every ounce of energy to my work. My job as a graphic designer fuels me, brings me joy, but not life. Not the kind that existed before.

Now I rely on biking, hiking, and women to dull the ache. We all have vices. I’d like to think mine are healthy. Biking equals exercise and fresh air. Win. Hiking equals more exercise and more fresh air.

Double win. Women equals sex, and we all need that. Triple win.

Still, somewhere, the light faded out. And I don’t even know how to begin getting it back.

And don't miss your chance to win...

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Writing Conference Anyone??

Passionate Pen Conference

This comprehensive weekend event is open
to any unpublished, aspiring writer, blogger, jotter, dotter
and published authors in any genre.
passionate pen
  Blushing Books and Lazy Day Publishing are hosting a writer's conference in the nation's capital this summer. Come mingle at the Marriott Gateway for four(ish) days of social events and workshop sessions that will surely add something to your arsenal.   Workshop sessions are being developed with your response in mind and will guarantee to be led by one third Blushing Books staff, one third experienced authors, and one third outside professionals.   Registering is easy! Individual registration forms are required from every writer, author, staff, fans, friends, family or otherwise implied interested party for any and all parts of the conference.  

Head over to the Passionate Pen website for the itinerary, lodging or other information.

Contact Bella for questions you still have after perusing the site.
Conference@blushingbooks.com< /p>
The conference is not only for the authors.


You've been reading them for months, maybe even years.
The Passionate Pen is offering readers and fans the opportunity to meet Blushing Books and Lazy Day authors!
You may also book your room at the Marriott Gateway (if you aren't their slumber party buddy) and stay the whole weekend at the same rate as the authors, with access to the events below.
Be part of the conference opening and welcome reception.
Tickets are $40 and include nibbles and a drink. Registration is required.
Sit at a table and eat breakfast with your favourite author, or visit a few tables. Either way, you can be up close and personal. They'll have some pretty lovely bits of swag, too.
Ticket are $40 and includes buffet breakfast. Registration required.

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EXCERPT REVEAL - for Manwhore +1

manwhore + 1 excerpt reveal.jpg

MANWHORE + 1  by Katy Evans

I’ve never been so hopeful as when I board the pristine glass elevator at the M4 corporate building. A handful of employees ride along with me, murmuring perfunctory greetings to each other and to me. I think my mouth must be on vacation because I can’t seem to force it to speak. But I smile in reply—my smile nervous, nervous but hopeful, definitely hopeful. My riding companions step out on their floors one by one until I’m alone, riding up to the executive floor on my own.
Toward him.
          Toward the man I love.
          My body is raging. My blood is pumping—my blood is storming—my thighs are shaking. My stomach feels filled with little earthquakes that just won’t quit, then they turn into a full-fledged roil when I hear the elevator ting at his floor.
         Stepping out, I’m in corporate nirvana, surrounded by sleek chrome and pristine glass, marble and limestone floors. But I hardly have eyes for anything except the tall and imposing frosted glass doors at the far end of the room.
          Framing those doors to each side is a pair of sleek designer desks, for a total of four.
          Behind these desks are four women in identical black-and-white suits, sitting behind their gleaming dark-oak desks, working quietly behind their flat-screen computers.
          One of them, the forty-year-old Catherine H. Ulysses—right hand of the man who owns every inch of this building—stops what she’s doing when she sees me. She arches her brow, then seems both tense and relieved as she lifts the receiver on her desk and murmurs my name into it.
          I. Am. Not. Breathing.
          But Catherine doesn’t miss a beat as she motions me toward the huge frosted doors—those intimidating doors—that lead into the lair of the most powerful man in Chicago.
          The human being with the most powerful effect on me.
          This is what I’ve been waiting for, for four weeks. This is what I wanted when I left a thousand messages on his phones and what I wanted when I wrote a thousand others that I left unsent. To see him.
          For him to want to see me.
          But as I force myself to step forward, I don’t even know if I’ll have the strength to stand before him and look him in the eye after what I did.
          I’m wracked so hard with nervousness and anticipation and hope—yes hope, small but bright, even as I shake like a leaf.
          Catherine holds the door open, and I struggle to hold my head high and walk into his office.
           Two steps inside I hear the swoosh of the glass door shutting behind me and my systems halt at the familiar sight of the most beautiful office I’ve ever been in.
          His office is all vast marble and chrome, twelve-foot ceilings, and endless floor-to-ceiling windows.
          And there he is. The center of its axis. The center of my world.
          He’s pacing by the window, speaking into a headset in a low, low voice—the kind he uses when he’s pissed. All I can make out are the words have to be dead to let her fall into his clutches …
          He hangs up, and as if he feels me in the room, he turns his head. His eyes flare when he sees me. His green eyes.
          His achingly familiar, beautiful green eyes.
          He inhales, very slowly, his chest expanding, his hands curling a little at his sides as he looks at me.
          I look back at him.
          Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint.
          I just walked into the eye of the most powerful storm of my life. No. Not a storm. A hurricane.
          Four weeks, I haven’t seen him. And he still looks exactly as I remember. Larger than life, and more irresistible than ever.
          His striking face is perfectly shaven today, and his sensual lips look so achingly full I can almost feel them against mine. Six-feet-plus of perfectly controlled male power stand before me, in a perfect black suit and a killer tie. He’s the very devil in Armani; strong-boned, square-jawed, gleaming dark hair and those penetrating eyes.
          He’s got the best eyes.
          They twinkle mercilessly when he teases me, and when he doesn’t tease me, they’re mysterious and unreadable, assessing and intelligent, keeping me guessing about his thoughts.
          But I had forgotten how cold those eyes used to be. Green arctic ice looks back at me now. Every fleck of ice in those eyes gleaming like diamond shards.
          He clenches his jaw and tosses the headset aside.
          He looks as approachable as a wall, his shoulders stretching his white shirt, which clings to his skin like a groupie. But I know he’s not a wall; I’ve never wanted to throw myself at a wall like this.
          He’s walking towards me. Every step he takes makes my heart pound as he moves with that quiet and confident own-the-world stride of his.
          He stops a few feet away and shoves his hands into his pants pockets; and he seems so big all of a sudden, and he smells so utterly good. I drop my eyes to his tie as the little candle of hope I walked in with starts to flicker with doubt.

manwhore +1. preorder.png

For every sin there is a sinner!
Manwhore + 1 is now available for pre-order
at the following retailers:

Pre-order Now:
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/1QObyTU

Submit your proof of pre-order and get an early peek at Ms. Manwhore, the last of Saint and Rachel's passionate love story. Click here to enter: http://www.katyevans.net/pre-order-bonus/
manwhore +1.jpg
The unexpected love story that began in MANWHORE continues heating up the pages in MANWHORE +1 by New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans...
Billionaire playboy? Check.
Ruthless businessman? Check.
Absolutely sinful? Check.
Malcolm Saint was an assignment. A story. A beautiful, difficult man I was supposed to uncover for a racy exposé.
I intended to reveal him, his secrets, his lifestyle--not let him reveal me. But my head was overtaken by my heart and suddenly nothing could stop me from falling. I fell for him, and I fell hard.
Malcolm Saint is absolute Sin, and I've become a hopeless Sinner.
Now that the assignment is over, Saint wants something from me--something unexpected--and I want this wicked playboy's heart. But how can I prove to the man who trusts no one that I'm worthy of becoming his plus one?
man whore + teaser 2.jpg

Manwhore (Book One)
Now Available
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/16oqqTO

man whore + teaser.jpg
About the Author:
katy evans.jpgHey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!

Email: authorkatyevans@gmail.com