Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Really Long Time... With Nothing to Say, Apparently

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So yeah, apparently it really was a long, long time with nothing to say.  Well you know, that’s not really true either. I’ve read a lot of books, finished more fanfiction writing and reading, watched a few really, really good movies and watched a bunch of TV that was review-worthy… And I just haven’t done anything about it.  I’ve been busy and when I’ve had free time I’ve done those things that I just named above.  But hey, there are literally REAMS of things to write about now – books, movies, tv, fanfiction stories that I’ve read (from the archives) and are really awesome… Yeah.  Plenty to write about.
Will I? Fingers crossed people…
To get something appearing here with some regularity I’m going to start posting my reading lists again, either bi-monthly or weekly depending on how things go.  And though I may do more, I will post at least 1 book review monthly – sometimes for new releases and sometimes just for old favorites.  I’ve tons of ideas of what I can do, now it’s just a matter of fitting the work required to do it into the schedule of everything else that I’ll be working on or have to do with the kids now that school is starting again this week.
Ready? Set?.. LOL!
See you soon!
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