Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pimp Your Page? And More!

As summer is wrapping up for all us here in my house, I'm beginning to gear up for back to school (for the kids) which means that I can get back to doing more of what I love doing - writing, reading, reviewing and promoting.  As a kick off to this I am inviting authors to contact me with your FB page links and starting tomorrow (August 19) and running until the end of the month, each day I will feature one author on my Facebook page as the "Featured Author of the Day!" 


On top of this, all the authors who's pages are featured this month will be included in a "Getting Back to Reading" blog post in early September which will get you even more notice and attention throughout social media!

Sounds like a good deal, yeah??

So put the call out.  If you don't contact me, I'll be cruising through Facebook searching out whomever I may find to promote... But really, wouldn't you like a little free promotion??

Want to be included??
Comment or Email with your name and the full link to your Facebook Page!!