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I've been an avid reader since I was a child and truly enjoy sharing my love of books with the world. I love to discuss the books I read whether I find them amazingly good, extraordinarily bad, or anywhere in between. My reviews are always 100% honest and a true expression of what I think of a book.

My reading interests vary and I will typically read anything in the romance, sci-fi/fantasy, YA, and erotica genres. I have however been known to review thrillers, so if you've got a book you'd like reviewed that isn't in my normal sphere please contact me and we'll chat.

My teenage daughter Z, or Princess, is also available to do YA reviews, though her schedule is far more rigid and she's only available for approx. 4-6 reviews a year. If you'd be interested in having Z do your YA book review please note that in the comments section on the form liked below.

Do you have a request for reviews?  You can now fill in this simple form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible... Click on the following link to fill in your request:

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Happy Reading All!!


As of early 2020 I will begin going through the backlog of requests for book and interview requests. 
If you submitted REVIEW requests in the previous year, I will be contacting you to let you know when your review will be published and with links. If you submitted INTERVIEW requests, please be patient, I will contact you as soon as I've got a better idea of when I'll be able to schedule you.