Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Little 'Me Time' Reading

My kids have been home for a full week now. For them, as for a great many of your children, school has been cancelled – indefinitely is the term they used to describe the duration of this experience. We’re getting rather nicely, so far, but again it’s only been a week.

That week has been full of uncertainty and concern. In many ways the reality of the situation is still sinking in for them, and me. We’ve kept busy, surprisingly so considering we’ve been pretty much home-bound, except for a couple trips to try and stock up on essentials at the grocery store. We’ve done a bunch of deep cleaning, we’ve instituted some new house activities, and Heli Dad and I have been trying to keep things as calm and as straight as we can for the kids.

Yesterday for perhaps the first time all week, I was able to pick up a book and read. First with a mug of hot tea, later with a glass of wine. I snugged down and dove into the romance and adventure in Morrigan’s Cross the first book in Nora Roberts’ The Circle trilogy. Considering how quickly I read, I’ll be done all three books of the series by sometime Sunday.

What should I read next?

What are you reading?

And more, what are you doing to give yourself some ‘me time’ if you’re in self-isolation or sheltering in place, or in quarantine?