Sunday, November 11, 2007

September Reading List... Finally!

Janet Chapman
Charming the Highlander
Loving the Highlander
Wedding the Highlander
Tempting the Highlander

Only With a Highlander

Julia London

Highlander Unbound
Highlander in Disguise
Highlander in Love

Kinley MacGregor
Sword of Darkness

Knight of Darkness

Jean Johnson
The Master

Mary Balogh
Simply Unforgettable
Simply Love

Liz Carlyle
One Little Sin
Two Little Lies
Three Little Secrets

Cynthia Cooke
Rising Darkness

Michele Hauf

Kiss Me Deadly

Monica McCarthy
Highlander Untamed
Highlander Unmasked
Highlander Unchained

JR Ward
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbound

Elizabeth Boyle
This Rake of Mine
Love Letters from a Duke

That's the list and, yes, there are a couple of books in there that I will be posting reviews and further musings for but for right now, I've only got a few quick things to say. Most all of the books this month were 'new reads.' The few that weren't are (also distinguished above in italics): Lover Revealed, This Rake of Mine, all of the Janet Chapmen's Highlander series.

For the others, well I had been looking forward to Johnson's The Master and Lover Unbound from Ward, for some time and both of those titles for than met with my expectations. (I have more to say on both of these books but you'll find that in a later blog.)

I really li
ked all the books that I read during September. For now, I guess that's all you're going to get out of me on this. More will come later!!!

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