Friday, October 30, 2009

Tonight on TV - My Fantasy, Sci-fi Fridays!

Yeah, yeah, so I've been pretty lax about updating the last couple weeks - I am going to get the next installment of Feehan's Dark Carpathians posted in the next 24-48hrs **PROMISE** - but for right now I want to make a few comments about my "fantasy, sci-fi fridays" which include (but is not limited to): Stargate Universe and Sanctuary!! [I watch these on Space channel here in Canada.]

First for Sanctuary... This is a new show for me this season, though it is currently season 2 for the series itself, and so far I am really enjoying it.  The one plus that it holds for me is that it stars Amanda Tapping, who played Samantha Carter in Stargate SG1, and has always been one of my favorite actors! The last couple of weeks has given me a crash course into the Sanctuary series and as the story continues tonight with "Hero," I'm looking forward to what will happen next for the team...

[this video is actually the trailer for Season 2 - NOT the episode for tonight!]

And for Stargate Universe... "Water" (episode 6) is on tonight and it promises another amazing show and more twists into the Destiny's destiny. I've liked this series right from the start, as I mentioned in my last post on SGU, and since then my interest and appreciation for it has only skyrocketed! Last week's episode ("Light") was an absolute wonder and now I can't wait to see what will happen next!! 

[This video is the trailer for tonights episode!]

So there's my intro for my Fantasy, Sci-fi Fridays! I may just give you an update on the episodes (after the fact), later tonight!!!! TTYL!!

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