Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nora Roberts: The Bride Quartet

I can’t remember which of Nora Roberts' romance novels was the first that I ever read but if I had to make a guess, I think I’d either say “Dance Upon the Air” or “Jewels of the Sun.” Since I finished that first book, which ever it was, I’ve gone on to read dozens more. I have an entire section of my library that is devoted to her books – I’ve got all of her trilogy’s and more than half of her single titles, as well as a couple of her anthologies. Nora is one of my favorite authors. Every story she writes pulls me in, mentally and emotionally; every story connects to my heart, my mind, and maybe even something more. 

Cover of "Savor the Moment (The Brides Qu...I always watch for the new titles. She is my favorite after all. So last year when I saw some mention of the new series that Nora was writing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book (Vision in White, May 2009). In the fall when Bed of Roses was released I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough. And when the third in the ‘Bride Quartet’ came out early this month, Savor the Moment made me stop and think. 

I’m not even sure what it was that really clicked inside of me. The dynamics explored within the story don’t apply to my life. As of now I’ve made no major career choices or decisions – I want to write, I am writing my own stories now but I still haven’t managed to get anything printed. My life is nothing like any of the four “brides.” I am neither rich nor poor. I have yet to complete any “higher education” or decide what I want to do with that education should I eventually finish it. I’m already married and have kids. I get along with my family and my in-laws. There is nothing beyond the simple fact that I’m female, and love weddings, which connects me with these women. But it is there and I feel it, which is exactly the point.

When crazy, chaotic Mac meets her sane, sensible Carter you could feel the meshing of their lives, the balance that they gave to one another. When they fell in love, it warmed my heart. When Emma and Jack finally stopped pretending not to watch each other and finally started moving on the other, you could practically feel the sparks jumping off the page. And when Laurel and Delaney realize that for as close as they’ve always been, like brother and sister, they really have no idea what goes through the other’s head, or what’s in the other’s heart. 

Now we’re left with Parker. The controller, the negotiator, the 'boss.' The last of the four best friends to remain unattached and who despite her best efforts is envious of what her friends now have. Through the stories we know who is going to end up paired with the strong willed, serious minded, detail-driven woman. We know that at first glance the pairing doesn’t appear to fit. I also think that everything we’ve seen and experienced, everything that we’ve felt along the way with the other women is going to combine within the story of Parker’s life. It will be powerful and intense, and like all of Nora Robert’s novels it will blow our socks off. 

I can’t wait.
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