Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beautiful Things

So often in our lives events or people transpire to disappoint us.  Life happens with all of its chaotic distractions, amazements, let-downs, tragedies, and triumphs.  Too many people get beaten down by the realities of their lives... Because the bottom line is this: life and living is hard.  

Most of us are able to recognize this fact and balance it by finding the simple joys in our day-to-day lives.  No matter how hard life is, or how bad things seem, the simple joys are there; it’s just a matter of teaching or training yourself to see them and give them the recognition that they deserve.  It doesn’t matter if the little things that make me happy and make me able to cope with the daily issues of my life seem silly or inconsequential to you, to me they make all the difference.

Of course there are those few, those lucky few.  You know who I’m talking about... Those people that you’ve run across in your lives that seem to be perpetually happy, lucky, and prosperous.  The ones who never appear to be having a bad day, or when they say they are, you can’t help thinking to yourself “I wish my good days were that bad!”  Just because they seem blissfully happy, and as if nothing bad ever happens to them, doesn’t make it true.  Sometimes the people who appear to be the most happy and the most ‘together’, are the ones that need help, in one form or another, the most.

For the majority of us it’s safe to say that bad things happen - they happen to good people, just as much and as often as they happen to “bad” people.  That’s just life.  But I’ll tell you one thing... When things are bad, hard, and difficult, seeing something or finding something great and beautiful - it can turn things around for you and make a world of change in your life.

So search for the beautiful things, the wondrous things, the amazing things.  And find your simple joys.

Here’s one that I found this week.  Enjoy.

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