Saturday, September 26, 2015

Don't Miss A Chance to PROMO

Each week on Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs I have PROMO MONDAY where I will share anything, everything, and whatever YOU want to be promoted for the coming week.

  • a new book release
  • an upcoming sale
  • pimp an author
  • online events
  • "real world" events
  • exciting news
  • ... whatever you want that will occur during that particular week!

Promo submissions are due on Sunday nights by 9:00pm MST and sharing will occur throughout the day Monday. Submissions can be sent to my Facebook Page by Private Message or by email to: - All submission emails should have the subject: "(Monday date) PROMO"... for example emails sent for the upcoming Promo Monday should have the subject: "9/28 PROMO".

So get ready and let's PROMO!!

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