Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We're BACK with Tuesday's Tunes!!

It's September and the kids are back to school, which means that I'm re-developing my daily routine and working out my own schedule all over again. But some features on the blog I just can't let go of. 
So for the first real, real post of the fall, I'm back with an abundance of music love and appreciation for the talents of singers, songwriters and bands that enrich my day and brighten my heart.
Say hello, again, to TUESDAY'S TUNES!
Sometimes you're just driving along in your car with the radio playing in the background, essentially just giving you some kind of noise to break up the silence.  Then suddenly without really realizing you're bopping your head to the tune and reaching to turn the volume up so that you can hear the song better. 
That's how I discovered today's featured tune - 2 Heads by Coleman Hell.
This isn't one of those songs that I heard and it became life changing.  It's not a song that someone told me I'd love if I heard it or that it was the best new song they'd heard in awhile.
This one, well, this one simply caught my attention and pulled me out of my own head while I was driving one afternoon.  It was catchy and repetitive and before the song finished I knew the words. And even better, I wasn't worrying about (or even thinking about) what had been on my mind before.
Hope you like it.
And I hope it give you a brief reprieve from the thoughts swirling in your head this Tuesday.

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