Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TUESDAY'S TUNES "Carry On My Wayward Son"

If you've visited my blog in the past you'll know that on Tuesdays I run a feature called Tuesday's Tunes. I try to have it up every week though I do occasionally miss for various reasons. The music I choose to highlight comes to me through variety of sources, for various reasons and with a wide array of inspiration. In the past I've talked about a love of sci-fi and fantasy based TV shows and movies that I share with my husband - "Heli Dad."
We've got shelves full of vampire and werewolf films, copies of movies about witches, sorcerers and all kinds of things that go bump in the night. We also have all the seasons of Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis), Sanctuary, Merlin, and (most important to this specific post) Supernatural. Date night's for us will just as often find us sitting at home watching a marathon of one of our much-loved-favorites, as it will find us venturing out on the town.
This previous weekend was no exception as we purchased the DVDs for Season 10 of Supernatural last week and were more than ready to be consumed in the chaotic and frequently scary lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. From Thursday night through Sunday afternoon we hibernated (sometimes with the kids but mostly without them as they went off to do their own things with other family or friends) and allowed ourselves to sink in to the Supernatural universe. And while there were a few things about season 10 that we scratched our collective heads over, on the whole we loved it just as much as the previous 9 years.
One thing we've always loved about the series is the music. From classic rock to hair bands, alternative, pop and even the occasional country tune, Supernatural has always offered music that we both can enjoy. A feature we've enjoyed since watching the very first episode of the series was the classic Kansas tune - "Carry On My Wayward Son" that for years was featured in use at a climatic point of each season of the show. During season 10, the 200th episode was aired and the version of the song that I feature today is a compilation that includes the song as it was featured during that episode of the show, while the video is a compilation of scenes from the entire series to the 200th episode.
I hope you enjoy, and you, "Carry On..."

Looks exciting yeah? Get your copy of Supernatural Season 10 here. Or start collecting the series here.

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