Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Late Night Tuesdays Tunes

It’s a late night edition of Tuesdays Tunes this week. If you follow the Facebook page (or any of my social media accounts) you’ll know what I’ve been up to today and why I’m posting late at night, while Tuesday is quickly coming to an end. Actually, I mentioned what I’d be doing in last week’s Tuesdays Tunes post too. Remember?

Well, this is a fun post for me, and caps off what has been a pretty damn fun night for both Princess Z and I. It’s not very often that we are able to get to a concert – between school, work and all the other things that eat up our time, seeing live music is simply hard to make happen.

But it’s Easter holidays for the kids (aka Spring Break) and we made it happen!

Tonight’s late Tuesdays Tunes is a LIVE MUSIC edition.


Kieran Mercer 
Remember his name.

He’s a new artist that has catchy tunes and, honestly, he seems like a really sweet guy. He played a few songs to get the crowd warmed up. He chatted with the crowd like a seasoned performer and did a really great job.

You can check out his album – Help Me Help You on iTunes here.

Walk Off The Earth

They opened with Gang of Rhythm and between the new songs off their newest album Sing It All Away, older favorites from the R.E.V.O. album and the incredible covers they did, they simply did an amazing show. Sometimes you watch artists live and they’re just not as good live as they are on their LP’s. Not so for Walk Off The Earth.

If you ever have the opportunity to see them live – take it. You will not be disappointed!

Marianas Trench

Heli Dad and I went to one of their shows about 3 years ago and we loved it. (Me more so than Heli Dad but he did enjoy it.) This time Princess Z was with me and lets say that she enjoyed the show far more than Heli Dad would have!

The show was an incredible mix of titles from the current album Astoria as well as songs from the older albums. Songs included: Yesterday, Burning Up, One Love, All to Myself, Stutter, Desperate Measures, Pop Music 101, Dearly Departed, Cross My Heart, Wildfire and End of an Era.

It was seriously like every one of my favorite MT songs was on the set list.

I managed to catch a bit of Josh singing One Love, which I seriously love by the way (it’s one of my current song favorites on my writing playlist) and I hope you enjoy it.


So yeah, a Live Music Tuesdays Tunes and something of a three-fer too!

Happy listening. Rock out!

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