Tuesday, March 8, 2016

REVIEW: Where There's Smoke There's Desire by Ginger Sutter

Where There's Smoke There's Desire

by Ginger Sutter

Last fall I had the pleasure to meet (online) an author who was working on her debut novel. We hit it off right away with our shared appreciation, nay - love of all things paranormal. She was kind enough to offer to let me read some of her writing while she was working on it. Then she upped her awesomeness by asking me to accept an ARC of the completed book and to ask me what I thought. Of course I accepted. (Why wouldn't I, right?) And well, this review states pretty plainly how that went... 

The Review

What do you get when you put a multitude of paranormal beings in a bar with a bunch of unsuspecting humans, and set them up in a super-speed-dating for charity event?

Chaos. Beautiful, hilarious, erotically hot chaos.

But you know, you also get a pretty damn good story too.

Ginger Sutter caught my attention with the mention of dragons in her debut release Where There’s Smoke, There’s Desire. Then my reading of the story was absolutely ensured when she continued to explain there were also sirens, pookas, succubi, werewolves, gremlins, vampires and more. I am after all a sucker for anything paranormal, but put it all together and I’m a goner.

And then I read it...

“A Siren, a Pooka, And a Succubus Walk Into a Bar…”

Right from the start I was laughing. The character’s personalities simply leapt off the page to tickle my own (somewhat twisted) sense of humor. They are not however merely funny characters - they have depth and history, and there's so much more to them than just being entertaining to the reader. Within pages you discover friendships that are centuries old and have survived ups and downs, and twists like you wouldn't believe.

The three primary female characters: Rena, Ava and Leine are the type of best friends who can finish each other’s sentences, anticipate each others madcap activities and still be surprised when one of them throws the others for a (fantastic) loop.

And the three primary male characters - those dragons that Ginger hooked me like a trout with? Well I can think of no better way to describe the brothers than to use Leine’s words from the book: the “...Welsh, walking, wet-dreams,” (the WWWD as I’m come to think of them) more commonly known as Dylan, Alec and Noah.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Desire is a novella that introduces the Gate City world created by this author. This short, but oh-my-gods so wonderful, short tale has pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be returning to read whatever future stories may come out of this world and from Ginger Sutter. Take a chance and read this hot little story – you’ll laugh until your belly hurts, you’ll sigh with happiness and you’ll wonder about all things that make up the rich characters that Ginger has introduced. And I can pretty much guarantee that if you like paranormal stories, comedy and nice dash of hot lovin’, you’ll be as desperate as I am for more of these characters and this new world of theirs. 
Sounds awesome, right? Get your copy today...

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