Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday's With Princess - REVIEW

WINTERLING by Sarah Prineas

About the book:

Things here have gotten very bad.

My girl, when you opened the Way, something happened. It has been weeks since you left, and spring has still not come. The rains continue, every day. Winter has been creeping back in. The river through town is flooding, and none of the farmers have been able to put in their crops.

I am afraid that something from that world is spilling over into ours.

You must come home at once. I need you here.

But Fer can't go home yet. Ever since she went through the Way, she's felt an attachment to this new world and its magic, and senses that it is perilously out of balance. The key to healing the land and defeating its powerful ruler lies in Fer's past and the parents she never knew. She must discover who she is and unleash her inner warrior before the worlds on both sides of the Way plunge into a never-ending winter.


In a wonderful tale that twists from our world to another, Winterling, Sarah Prineas portrays a perfect combination of both.

Fer is trying to figure things out about the strange land she arrived in and Rook is trying to figure her out. The Mor, or the lady she poses as is keeping winter around longer than it should with her cursed blood sacrifices. Fer has to find the mysterious Leaf Woman that she saw in the forest when she first arrived, for only she can bring Spring once again.

After reading this book, AND LOVING IT, I’ll definitely be reading more by Sarah Prineas.

Princess recommends this book to other young readers age 8-13. 


Princess is an 11-year old ("almost 12") reading fanatic... Just like her Writer Mom. She loves tales of myth and magic, fantasy and the imaginative. Unlike her mother, she's not the greatest fan of writing but she is determined to share her own love of reading with the world. She best loves stories that can make her laugh and cry, and the ones that she can imagine herself a part of.  

She is new to the book reviewing gig (publishing her first review for Winterling in April 2016) but looks forward to the job and to sharing the books she loves. And she hopes that you and, or, your children enjoy the stories just as much as she has!

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