Thursday, April 21, 2016

What Are You...

What are you reading?

I ask this every once in a while because I truly am interested. I don’t want to simply tell you all the time what I’m reading, what I think you should read, what I think you may (or may not) like about a book, or even why you should buy it.

Every one likes different things. They read different things, watch different shows. They have different taste in music and food.

Just because I like something, doesn’t mean that you will.

So I ask what you’re reading. Or what you’re listening to. And I ask what TV shows and/or movies you’re watching.

Because I like to sample and try new things.

I like to try and watch new shows, to read new genres (or sub-genres) of books, and discover cool new songs or artists. I may discover that I just can’t get into a new show I try. I may come to decide that a specific genre of book just isn’t to my taste. That new song you love may not be as appealing to me.

But I still ask. I still try. I’m still interested. So really…

What are you reading?

         What are you watching?

                  What are you listening to?


Nicole Pyles said...

Well since you asked :) I had the chance to review the "Book of the Month" club and right now I'm reading "All Things Cease to Appear." I'm not a huge fan of the book - it switches point of view constantly and I'm not sure I like it.

In terms of what I'm watching, I'm heavily into the ID shows that are crime related, especially See No Evil where they tell you about crimes that were solved with the use of a security camera.

Nicole Pyles said...

What are YOU reading these days?

LD Ferris said...

I've been doing a bunch of re-reading of old favorites, while also finishing up some ARC reading for upcoming reviews and releases. And Heli Dad and I have been re-watching (for the first time since they originally aired) the 2 seasons of STARGATE UNIVERSE!