Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another Year of Books Celebration Event

Friends, followers and fans...

It has been a very trying month (a trying year so far to be completely honest), between natural disasters, family losses, heartbreaking personal news and the resulting dramatic increase of daily chaos in our lives (here at home), quite a few things have fallen to the way side - pushed off and essentially forgotten, if benignly forgotten, for the greater part of the last three weeks. We've spent the last couple days immersed in family (the entire Farm Family that is) and for us all that was a very good thing.

However as I checked my phone yesterday evening I saw a FB notification that, like a sledgehammer, slammed anxiety, panic and a dragging sense of disappointment into me. It was a notification alerting me that someone had tagged my Facebook page and shared the Another Year of Books Celebration Event... And I realized that I'd forgotten. In and around everything else that was going on in life, amongst all the changes that have taken place over the last several weeks (and are still taking place), the event and all the planning, promoting and pomp I wanted to give it had completely slipped my mind. And now I am stuck in this moment where I have to decide what to do - postpone, cancel or simply forge on with it as it is.

I don't honestly know which is the best course to take. So after thinking about it, sleeping on it and discussing with Heli Dad today, here is what I will be doing...

The grand prize giveaway contest will be extended for 2 additional weeks - to close on June 16th to allow for more people to enter. I will continue to accept donations until June 13th!!

Fast prize giveaways will beginning May 31st and I will do 1 game/contest giveaway a day until all donated fast prizes have been awarded. If you are interested you can still donate fast giveaway prizes.

Guest blog posts will go up as soon as can be arranged with those who signed up to do them. If you are interested in doing a blog post (between now and June 15th you can still sign up.

Registered participants who signed up for takeover times will go forward as scheduled - with a few changes. There are still quite a few time slots available each of the days of the event and you can still sign up for one of the times.

And finally, though obviously incredibly later than originally intended, all donating, takeover and guest blog authors will be featured in one way or another on the blogs and social media. 

So while this event won't be precisely as I envisioned it, it will go on. 

In just a little bit things will kick off.  Tonight we'll have the chance to visit and chat with Rebekah Raymond - author of the Life series: LIFE'S DEFEAT and LIFE'S HOPE, at 8:00pm MST, and I'll also be posting a giveaway contest tonight as well - for your chance to win a Kindle copy of THE DEEPEST BLACK by Rainy Kaye.

So please, join us tonight on the Facebook event page for the Another Year of Books Celebration Event...

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