Thursday, June 2, 2016

Guest Blogger: Author Ani Gonzalez Talks About A Current TV Fave

Hi! I’m Ani Gonzalez and I write lighthearted paranormal romance. I love paranormal stories, genre-smashing, and humorous situations so when LD invited me to write a guest post on a television show I knew exactly which show I would pick.


I didn’t have high hopes for this show. I loved Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, and Lucifer Morningstar was one of the best characters in that series (Death, of course, was the best). Tom Ellis as Lucifer? I wasn’t really convinced. Lucifer in the comics looked more like Alexandr Skarsgard. Plus I didn’t find the concept of Lucifer as a detective particularly compelling. I’m not a big fan of police procedurals.

But I am a big fan of paranormals, particularly the ones with a contemporary feel. So, I tuned in.

And I was hooked. The show is funny and smart. I don’t find the mysteries all that interesting, but that may just be me. Like a said, I’m not a fan of procedurals.

When the series opens we learn that Lucifer has a fast care, a weird way to identify (and satisfy or manipulate) people’s desire, a nightclub (called Lux), and a surly employee (called Maze). Maze, we find out, didn’t leave Hell to become a bartender.

I feel for you, Maze.

Lucifer also has an older, angelic brother called Aminadel, a therapist, a grumpy partnership with a local police detective (Chloe) who he’s weirdly obsessed by, and a huge daddy complex.

As the series progresses, Lucifer tries to help/interferes with the local police, tries to work through his daddy issues, and builds an odd crushing/partnering relationship with Chloe.

Lucifer is snarky and funny with an idiosyncratic view of crime and punishment. The series, however, doesn’t quite figure out what to do with him. It’s not clear whether the humans around him think he’s crazy, eccentric or a real supernatural demon. We never figure out why he left Hell or why he chose Los Angeles as his new abode. It’s all very unsatisfying.

But I still I loved the series. The crimes, frankly, were not that interesting, and I could never figure out why Luci (as he’s called in the show) wanted to be a police detective. The paranormal aspects were intriguing, but were oddly relegated to the sidelines (none of the crimes are supernatural in origin). The worldbuilding, however, was great, the supporting cast was amazing, and the music was fantastic (here’s Tom Ellis singer Sinnerman. I died.).

I was pleased when I found out the show was renewed for a second season. The season finale established some great relationships (particularly between Lucifer and Aminadel and Chloe and Maze) and hinted to a stronger paranormal feel in the second season. I’m looking forward to watching it.

Did you watch the series? Did you like it? Are you sticking around for season two?

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Celesta said...

No, I haven't been watching that show. I didn't think it was really for me plus I don't get cable.