Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday At the Movies: SUICIDE SQUAD

I love the Super Hero movies. Spiderman. Iron Man. The Avengers - and the individual character movies as well. Batman (I loved Christian Bale as Batman. And I have to admit Ben Affleck killed it too!) All of them.

So the idea of a movie about all the "Bad Guys" was more than intriguing.

Bring in the August release - SUICIDE SQUAD.

Heli Dad and I went to see this movie for our anniversary last month and we loved it. There were a couple bits that elicited a questioning "Huh?" from one or the other of us, or both... cough Will Smith - great guy, we're both just getting tired of seeing him on the big screen in action movies cough. I haven't decided whether I prefer Jared Leto as Joker, over Heath Ledger's version of the villian in 2008's The Dark Knight, but I still enjoyed his take on the character. The music and soundtrack were killer - Tuesdays Tune, HEATHENS was one of the singles from the soundtrack album in fact. And can I say... Harley Quinn - you crazy, psycho loving killer chic, I love you.

But you know, overall it was a pretty kick ass movie. One we will definitely be getting on blu-ray and dvd when it comes out in that format.

So have you seen it? Did you like it, hate it? Are you ambivalent?

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