Sunday, August 13, 2017

Picking Your Next Read

In a time when there are literally endless reading options available to us at any time, and dozens of new books being released each and every day, how to choose what to read can sometimes be a serious issue. I’m not joking. Sometimes deciding on something new to get to read is horribly difficult!

What do I feel like reading? Romance obviously, but what sub-genre? Historical? Paranormal? Contemporary? New Adult? Even YA is an option!

Not only that but am I interested in reading something light – entertaining, amusing, interesting, yes, but not serious-minded? Or do I want something that is going to make me think? Some deep read to engage me?

What about length? And I’m not talking short story vs. novella vs. novel. I’m meaning, is a stand-alone novel all I’m interested in or do I want to invest my time and interest in two or three books? Or more?

Picking my next read can require a lot of thought, sometimes. Other times it’s just one of those completely random “oooohhhh! I’ll take that one!” kind of choices. There are two things that can generally make the choice easier, if not a complete breeze: 1) a new release from a favored author, or 2) a new release in a series that I’ve already been reading.

So what about you… Are you a series or stand-alone type of reader? What things make your choice of next read the “obvious choice”?

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