Thursday, January 25, 2018

FAOM: An Excerpt and Some Thoughts

A little earlier today I shared my review of The Petticoat Letters with you all here on the blog. If you missed it you can find it here. In that, I talked a lot about the main character Nora Bishop, about my perception of her personality, her situation and the story. I only briefly mentioned her male counterpart Alexander Foster.

I adore both of these characters.

Nora is a woman worthy of admiration in any time period, during the late 1700’s in colonial America – she’s exceptional.

And Alex? Every time he’s on the page I find something more to like about him.

 “Battle, Nora. We are about to engage in battle. Hurry up!”

“What are you going to do?” I said, standing up. My heart raced as fast as some of the horses I spied.

“I’m going to head south with the rest of the Rangers and three other companies of the Virginia Continentals. We’re going to flank the British on the right.”

“I don’t give a damn about battle tactics! You mean you’re going to fight.” Hysteria rose in my voice, and I wrung my hands in front of me. Perspiration dotted my forehead. The only person I felt safe with in the camp was leaving me. What happened if he died? What would I do? How would I get home?

“It’s war, Nora. Of course I’m going to fight.”
-       The Petticoat Letters, excerpt from chapter 5

He’s courageous, strong, stubborn, intelligent, and has a sense of humour that comes out occasionally in bursts of dry wit and salacious quips. He’s honestly a good man doing what he thinks is right and I couldn’t help but truly like him.

 “Petticoat letters? I like it. You know, it isn’t everyday a woman has something she wants to give me that’s up her skirts,” Alex said, grinning wide again.
-       The Petticoat Letters, excerpt from chapter 17

Fairly often when I’m reading, especially if I know I’m going to do a write up about the story, I’ll jot down notes to myself while I read. Sometimes I find I have a lot to say about the “bad guy” in books. Not so for The Petticoat Letters. One line pretty much sums up my feelings on him this time.

Have I adequately illustrated how much I love this book? Yes? No? Here’s one last thing then, because it so rarely happens.

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