Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesdays Tunes: History In The Making

I can’t remember where it was that I saw something about him recently – maybe just on the program guide on my TV or something – but I saw his name and I instantly thought of this song.  Hope you like it.
Darius Rucker ‘History in the Making'
Can I just say…
The ULTIMATE wedding song. 
Okay, seriously though, this is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard.  It’s full of emotion, yes; it makes you think about your life, sure.  But really, it’s just a beautiful song about the moments in your life that should be held precious and close. 

“This could be
One of those memories
We want to hold to, cling to
The ones we can’t forget”

And really that says it all right there.  Every moment, every memory, it is all just “history in the making.” 

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