Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winner of the HBH Blog Feature Contest

Over the Halloween weekend (October 28-31) I participated in the Halloween Blog Hop hosted by Jeremy Bates.  It was a fun and busy weekend of checking out other peoples blogs, reading the ones that really drew my attention and meeting new people.  Over the course of that weekend everyone who visited me here on my blog and left a comment or message anywhere on the site was entered in my contest to win a 3-part blog feature. 
I want to thank everyone who did visit – whether you left a comment or not – and give a special ‘nod’ to all those who did comment and/or join the site!
Now, it is my great pleasure to announce the winner of the HBH Feature Contest…
Chrissy Peebles – author, mom, nurse and blogger, and I’m sure a vast array of other things!
Her blog "The Purple Brick Road" can be found at –
You can follow her on Twitter -!/ChrissyPeebles1
And even ‘friend’ her on Facebook –
Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as I spend some time featuring Chrissy as a blogger, reviewer, author and find out just what makes her tick.

And don't forget that we're doing the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop again today! You can link up by clinking on the badge to the right and filling in the form! See you around!

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