Monday, June 15, 2015

Fallen Stars are back to ROCK YOU - REVIEW

Rock You by Candy J. Starr 
(Fallen Star #1) 

Publication date: April 8th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Working for a cranky, old hermit in an isolated house sounds like Ruby’s idea of heaven but her boss isn’t quite what she expects.

Tex is a fugitive from the rock and roll world – a tragedy abruptly halted his career. No one knows why, no one knows where he is.

The two of them try to live in the same house without ever seeing each other until Tex screws up, endangering their lives and forcing them to live in close quarters.

Suddenly, the idea of human contact seems more appealing, if only with each other.

The sanctuary they have built is enough for Ruby but the outside world encroaches. The man she grows to love is Tex the hermit, not Tex the rock star.

Their fledgling love can’t shine brighter than the rock dream but can Ruby bare to let him go?


Life is what you make of it. It's a compilation of the things that have hurt you, the things that have built you up, of your fears and anxieties and the things that you believe you can't do without. What makes you happy, or sad, angry or afraid. Life is all of this and more, and sometimes even with all that it's not enough. Or maybe it's too much. 

Cutting yourself off from all those experiences, from the people and the pain, but also from the happiness that could be yours, it breeds something inside of you that is inexplicable and inexplainable. Like a kernel of hope that you can heal and also silken strand of despair that you won't, or that you can't. To make yourself feel more in control you pull yourself back, away and into yourself. 

But what happens when you pull away so far that suddenly your isolation has you insulated from the whole world and you're all alone?

For Ruby and Tex that's exactly the way they want things. Complete isolation from the world, isolation that most would consider unhealthy but for them is simply the balm they need to live. They have their own reasons, their own fears but for them, being isolated together is practically a dream come true. Yes they struggle briefly at first to find a way to comfortably be around one another, but it takes far less time than either of them expected to reach a level of dependancy on the other. 

And then what happens when their joined isolation becomes less insular? How will these two people who have so fiercely defended their personal isolation adapt when the world throws them twists? 

I really enjoyed the range of emotion that Candy J. Starr employed for these characters. The surprise of discovering that the other wasn't what they expected was just the start. And watching as the story unfolded and Ruby and Tex came to realize that they cared for the other was so heartening and nice to read. It was almost as if one day they turned a corner and the feeling was suddenly there, except that it wasn't really sudden and had actually been building from the start. 

I am actually looking forward to reading the next part of this story and seeing what's going to happen next for Tex and Ruby, for Devon and Brownie, and even for Hannah. My only complaint about the book? It's a cliff hanger - and I loath not having the hole story.  I despise the uncertainty and the constant wondering about what comes next. Which pretty much garuntee's I'm reading the next book, doesn't it?

I think you'll like it. It's not a particularly difficult read, nor particularly long. The characters are interesting to learn about and are honestly pretty unique to anything I've read on a whole. So go for it and you may just find yourself in a hot seat like me, waiting until you can get your hands on the second story like me. 

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