Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Old Favorite for TUESDAY'S TUNES - For the Nights I Can't Remember

When I'm writing I almost having music playing in the background. I create playlists that help to keep me in the mood for certain scenes or for an overall feel of the story. Songs will tend to overlap - I like what I like and those songs influence certain emotions and moods in me, which in turn helps me get those feelings into the characters or mood of whatever story I happen to be writing at the time.

For some reason no matter what story I'm writing, what genre it is primarily, and no matter how vastly different the characters may be from one another, there is this one song that seems to end up on nearly every playlist.

It's not a sad song, really.

It's not a dramatically happy one either, I don't think.

I guess for me it's one of the songs that signals hope. Hope for the characters to figure their shit out. Hope that at the end, we find the HEA. Hope that when things are dark, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe that's just me and my take on it.

Take a minute to listen... Tell me what you think?

Hedley - For the Nights I Can't Remember

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