Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Introducing LIFE'S DEFEAT by Rebekah Raymond

Life’s Defeat by Rebekah Raymond
Book One in the Life’s Series 
Release: October 7, 2015
Genre: Adult Thriller
Tragedy places the soldier in St Patrick’s complex, determination to be someone of use keeps her within its walls. When she finally takes her first breaths of freedom, the soldier is sucked back into military servitude, her long, violent capture and imprisonment by Rochester setting her path of physical and psychological terror.
Under his rule she learns the depth of her own depravity, and how far she can go before she threatens to lose herself. But when Tomlin and his team rescues her, she discovers a new threat in the life she chooses to lead.
As the pages of her genetically-altered history are revealed, the solider finds the key to achieving her new goal: revenge.
It’s unfortunate it might just kill her in the end.
This Psychological thriller will lead you to the depths of despair with this young woman, then back as she finds peace, love, and resolution (as she knows it) once more.
Kobo and amazon ebooks (and print on demand) are available now for pre-order. They will automatically download on the 7th. Canadians can also order through the author's website website.
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And don't forget you can attend the Book Launch Party for Life's Defeat on Wednesday October 7th, 2015! Join us at the party:

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