Thursday, October 1, 2015

REVIEW - Life's Defeat by Rebekah Raymond

Yesterday I shared an interview with the author Rebekah Raymond – the mind behind Life’s Defeat. I told you that I was lucky enough to get to read an advance copy of the book and that I loved it. Now I’ll tell you more...

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading Life's Defeat... I seem to be saying that a lot in the reviews that I've been doing lately. But it's true. I was asked if I'd like to read a new book from a brand new author, I was sent the blurb and since it didn't sound like anything I'd read before, of course I said that I'd read it. I didn't even know the genre. I honestly didn't know anything.

And it was wonderful. Dark and twisty, and full of turns you'd never expect. Thought provoking in a philosophical sense - because really how many times can you die before you go even just a little bit insane? There are also the questions of what happens when you die, where do you go, who or what do you see? Rebekah Raymond may not really answer these questions in her debut novel Life's Defeat but she sets out a tale that gives you a couple more ideas of what those answers may be.

I love the characters. They're dynamic and have quirks. They have fears and quiet strength. And yet at other times their strength seems scream for acknowledgement, even as the character quietly weeps. The heroine may go a bit mad, but even then she's real and she's someone that you feel for. Her love interest, Tomlin, is loyal and true, and even when you want to curse him, you can't help but (sort of) understand his motivation too.

You may notice that I haven't mentioned the heroine's name. That's because Rebekah Raymond didn't include it in this first book of the series. Not knowing her name didn't detract from the story at all and in fact after finishing reading the book, I had to wonder if the anonymity wasn't even better than if I had known the name. It really just went to prove that what happened to her, everything that she went through, it could have happened to any of them. And while she was picked for a reason it had nothing to do with who she was, and everything to do with what they suspected she might be.

And the bad guy? The “Man with the Cigar”, Rochester... He’s so bad you can't help but be fascinated. So evil you can't help but eagerly anticipate what horrible thing he's about to do next. Then you end up learning just a little bit more here and there about him, and you can't help but wonder how he ended up where he is. What happened to make him into this twisted, evil, slimy, murdering fiend, with so little conscience, one must wonder whether he has one at all.

Life's Defeat may be a debut novel from a new author but I don't think it reads like one. So while I may not have known anything at all about this book before I read it, one thing I do know now: I can't wait to see what happens in the next book of the Life series.

You can read the blurb, meet the author and find out about what other readers are saying about Life's Defeat on the Goodreads page for the novel.

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