Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesdays Tunes: "Thief" Our Lady Peace

This song is one of my classic favorites. More than 15 years ago these guys were in town and my mom (who owns and operates a clinic for massage therapy) gave Raine Maida a massage, my sister gave him a ride to his sound check in her car, and the love affair of a life time - with their music - was born. To this day my sister and I will both pull out their albums (we've got them on CD and digital now) to listen to when we need a pick me up or when we need to listen to songs that really touch on how we're feeling.

THIEF is one of the songs that I've actually got on my playlist for one of my current writing projects, as it helps me connect with a couple of the characters mindset(s) after they loose someone close to them to cancer. Granted that hasn't been a big stretch for me over the last month anyways but still the song is there.

Our Lady Peace made a lot of songs that continue to resonate with me still. Honestly there's a OLP song on almost all of my writing playlists because they've got something that works for me for just about every emotion, and every situation real or that I can imagine. 

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy!

Thief - Our Lady Peace

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