Monday, March 14, 2016

The Ups & Downs Shop is OPEN!

I've been reading, reviewing, discussing and promoting books here (and on FB) for years. Occasionally I'll get a note or comment from someone asking where to get a book that I've talked about. An increase in general internet knowledge has changed that to a certain degree but the question still pops up now and then. Over the past 18 months I've made a concerted effort to ensure that I am adding online purchase links to all my posts, so that people are able to get the books they find interesting based on my posts.

Now I've upped that effort.

At the top of the page you'll see that one of the tab-links running across the page is the 'Ups & Downs Shop'. In this shop you'll find links for the books that I've reviewed, as well as the "Featured Books of the Day" that I now share on FB daily, and round-up here each weekend. These links will allow you to purchase these books directly from Amazon(
Please note that for a while now there has been an advertising disclaimer at the bottom of this blog page, regarding advertising links that I share on my blog(s) and on my other social media. The Ups & Downs Shop is part of this same program. You are not purchasing anything from me, I am merely an advertising affiliate for Amazon, and in return I earn a very small commission for your purchase.
The goal of the shop is to earn the funds necessary to purchase giveaway prize items for this blog, it's readers and fans, and those connected to it through the social media accounts that are used in conjunction with it: Facebook, Twitter, Tsu, Instagram, etc. 

As new blog features are added to the site, more purchasing categories (as displayed on the left side of the Shop screen) will be added to the Shop as well.

Happy Shopping and Happy Reading!!!

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