Saturday, April 30, 2016

Attention ALL Authors and Bloggers - Let's Party

I announced the upcoming event that I'm hosting here on my blogs and on Facebook a couple of days ago. It's the ANOTHER YEAR OF BOOKS CELEBRATION EVENT! The event is 3 days long and will consist of Author/Blogger Take Overs (at the Facebook Event), Guest Blog Posts (on this page and Inside My Mind), Fast Giveaways taking place daily for the week or so leading up to the event and on event dates, and a Grand Prize Giveaway Contest that will run May 1- June 2.

This event is an honest celebration of writers, authors, bloggers, books, readers and fans.

I hope it'll be fun and that it will be beneficial to all participants - whether you are an author, blogger or simply a fan who loves to read.

So now comes the time when I must reach out to you - you AUTHORS, you BLOGGERS, you WRITERS. Now comes the time when I ask you to join in. Sign up for a Take Over time. Sign up to do a Guest Blog Post about books, about you, about writing, publishing or whatever. Make a donation of a gift to giveaway. Contribute to the grand prize.

I ask you... Don't you want to celebrate?

If your answer is yes, all you have to do is fill in the following form.

... Say yes.

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