Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday's Tunes: Nostalgia & Good Times

There are some songs that come on the radio or pop up in my playlists that simply take me back in time. Some take me back to old friends or important experiences. Some remind me of my sisters, cousins or long-lost relatives.

And some take me back to happy times of driving around the country-side with my dad in his old truck listening to the radio. This truck was as old as he was (well it is – he still has it) and only had a radio and an 8-track player, so we couldn’t pick or choose the songs we’d hear while together in that truck. Yet, it seemed like every time we went somewhere today's Tuesday's Tune came on.

Now every time I hear this tune I think of my dad and those blissful afternoons when we would simply drive.

THOSE EYES – The Guess Who

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