Monday, April 11, 2016

Going To The Movies

Anyone who spends any amount of time here on this page knows that I’m an absolute fan of romance (I’m talking in books/TV/Movies here). I love everything about it. I love the twists and turns a relationship can take, it’s hardships and it’s joys. I enjoy all the varied subgenres and muddled plots that come along with the love and romance of a couple. And to be quite perfectly honest, I simply can’t get enough.

When my kids were younger I decided that I wanted to promote, encourage and help to facilitate (in them) rich imaginations, sensitivity and non-typical gender roles. So whenever a child-appropriate movie comes out I always try to take both my girls and my son to see them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a princess movie (Cinderella), a fantasy (Hobbit or Harry Potter), an action-adventure (X-Men, Avengers, Transformers) or a good hearted family film (Paddington), all the kids go – and quite often we’ll have tag-along’s as well. 

Sometimes we may do ‘Mommy/Daddy/Parents & Me’ dates with just one kid at a time but it’s rare when we don’t end up watching a movie altogether. And when it comes to not-kid-appropriate movies… Well let’s just say that Heli-Dad and I enjoy our date nights out as well.

Now you’re probably wondering, where the hell is she going with this?

Heli-Dad and I had date night last night. We did dinner and drinks at one of the nicer restaurants in town, and then a quiet Sunday night movie at the theater.

Thank you very much Deadpool.

You see we’re big fans of the X-Men franchise. We’ve watched and have all the current (recent) movies that have been released within it. We love the richness of the series with it’s origin stories, it’s futures, it’s pasts and (God help us) we even love the alternate timeline possibilities. Even when they screw with our heads and have us constantly asking each other – which timeline is this?

And then there was Deadpool.

Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed the movie. We enjoyed the lively conversation before and after watching the film about whether Deadpool is really a part of the X-Men franchise/universe. The irony is that over the course of watching the film we both flipped opinions to agree with each other, only to end up with differing standpoints again. So ultimately we decided that the Deadpool movie as it is, is and is not exactly a part of that world (as we’ve always known it).

I mean, it is. There’s no denying that Deadpool exists in the X-Men universe.

But there’s also no denying that this Deadpool movie is not exactly of the X-Men universe that has existed previously. Change is good, it’s fine. I just don’t know how this change is going to play into (or whether it will) the rest of the franchise.

I guess only time will tell.

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