Saturday, June 4, 2016

Your Chance to Win... The New & Updated Contest for THE NIGHT

Continuing the giveaways on the Another Year of Books Celebration Event page seems to be a bust. No ones visiting (officially, according to FB, the event ended on Thursday after all) and at this point I'm not even sure whether the posts I've been putting up are even visible still. So I'm changing things up.

Contests will still be posted on Facebook on my page but they will officially be run here on Ups, Downs, Ins & Outs, and on Inside My Mind. To increase visibility for the contests and hopefully get a few more people interested in winning them, I'll also be sharing the contests on my other social media pages - Tsu, Twitter, G+ and Instagram.

And you can help out too.

If you see one of the contest posts - share it, like it, retweet it, whatever. The truth is I run all these contests to the benefit of readers and to help out my fellow authors to spread the word about their work. I don't get anything in return - except a "thanks" from a friend, and I'm using a large amount of my own time to run them. So really, anything you can do to help spread the word - it helps those authors more than you can know, and that's what it's really all about.

But enough of this chattiness.

Here's the giveaway. Please note that all giveaways will now be run powered by Rafflecopter for ease of sharing and choosing a winner.

THE NIGHT by N.R. Larry

Kinsley will do anything to forget she may have killed someone.

No one knows more than Kinsley Lane that nothing good happens when the dead walk free. A year ago, she was possessed by a ghost and her life forever changed.

Luckily, on this All Hallows’ Eve, the witches of Harker Heights have offered her protection from the dead spirits who will roam free. Mac Harker is appointed her guardian and everything goes smoothly, until a mysterious guy arrives on the grounds. One that only Kinsley can see.
Mac is determined to protect her from Charming, leaving Kinsley torn between wanting his protection and the strong pull to a guy who won’t even tell her his real name. She must make a choice; the one she makes leads to the biggest heartbreak, and greatest love she’s ever known.

All over the course of one night.

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