Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Consumption - Be Consumed Today

So I took a wee break yesterday to decompress and relax after a weekend of insanity and chaos as we prepped (Saturday) and then celebrated Christmas with Heli Dad’s family on Sunday. I really needed a day to simply do nothing. I feel much better for it but my unexpected day off threw off my plans for the week so I’ve had to tweak my schedule for everything a bit. But it still works so here we go…

Today I’ve got release news for something a bit different than what I normally feature here on the blog. It’s not romance but then I do occasionally read other stuff too. LOL. And considering it’s December it doesn’t really fit in with what you’d expect to see flashed about either – aka Christmas/Holiday stories.

It’s Horror.

The scare you sleepless, kind of horror. A collection of short stories designed to frighten and keep you jumping at shadows, and all the odd noises that sound in the dark. It’s just a little book and doesn’t take long to read at all, but it’s dark and it gets the heart pumping with fear.

After all, life isn’t all happy ever afters.

So check it out, maybe give it a read, or maybe gift it to someone who LOVES horror for Christmas…

Valarie Savage Kinney

Consumption is a chilling collection chronicling the stories of six people consuming or being consumed by something unnatural.

The Satisfaction of Mercy
Mercy was left for dead in the toxic sewers of Detroit, and now she is consumed with the need for revenge.

Jagged Disintegration
Kelsey has fallen victim to a terrible virus with the power to destroy her life from the inside out.

The Wedding Takeover
Laura is determined to finally have her perfect wedding day, even if she must steal it from someone else.

To Scotland!
Eric is broken-hearted when his best online friend disappears, and he’d give anything to have her back… but not like this.

Creeping Moss
Celeste didn’t notice the first black spots, until they spread and took over every aspect of her life.

Maternal Consumption
Samaria has fought the gnawing hunger in her gut for years, until she’s finally satisfied by eating something she shouldn’t.


Sometimes scary is pretty freaking awesome.

You can find Consumption on Amazon, or get/gift a copy here today.

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