Tuesday, December 5, 2017

FAOM: Help Me Pick A Book To Read

Alright so here’s the thing, I have a horrible confession to make.

I haven’t read ANY of A.M. Johnson’s books yet. *gasp* I know, I know, I’m shocked too. But alas, there is no reason to be too alarmed – I actually bought two of her books yesterday and they are downloaded and waiting in my Kindle for me to dive into them. And since I’ll be up to the hospital with Little Prince Wednesday night and all day Thursday, I will definitely have some time to read then.

Now I just have to decide which one to read first!

Should be simple enough to decide, and I thought I had, but then I was going working on Amanda’s interview and a couple of things she told me have me second guessing. So I’m going need some help people, you have to help me decide. I mean, I’m going to end up reading both of them (and more besides) but…

Which A.M. Johnson Book Should I Read First???

Avenues Ink Series, Book 1

Paige Simon was the only girl Declan ever loved. The only one capable of silencing his voices, the only person to ever have faith in who he was, until the day her faith turned to doubt and destroyed everything they’d made together. 

Declan O ’Connell was the only person Paige could be herself with. The only one she could rely on, until the day she was forced to make a choice that would condemn them both.

They’ve had years apart, and second chances don’t belong to the damned. But when you come face to face with your savior, it’s almost impossible to walk away. In order to move beyond the sins of their past, and forever silence the demons in his head, they’ll have to risk it all. 

But with love, there are real reasons to be afraid and, sometimes… your salvation is your damnation. 

Do YOU like the sound of Possession
If you do, you can get your copy here.

Sacred Hart
A Stand Alone Novel

Sleep, it was luxury I didn’t have.

I could hear it then, in the dark light of night, in the dusky morning…

The click of the trigger, the smell of her blood, the sound of the rain. 

I never thought I would see her again. 

She was a ghost. 

She was dead.

When Maggie Wright pushed her way into my life, she brought the phantom with her, and I was helpless to her pull. 

Everything I had, all of it, had been taken from me ten years ago. I had nothing but the shirt on my back, the memories that still burned through my veins, and the regret I drowned in every day.

I am Ryan Hartford...and I have nothing left to lose. 

How about Sacred Hart, doesn’t it sound fabulous too? 

And guess what? You can even get Sacred Hart as an audiobook!! 

So you see my issue?!?! They both sound so good. They also both sound like they’re going to rip my heart out and quite possibly make me ugly cry in public. (Which I’m surprisingly okay with. LOL.) So what do you think?

Should I read Possession first? Or Sacred Hart? Tell me what you think in a comment here or on any of my social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Instagram.

And hey, don’t forget to enter the December FAOM Giveaway for your chance to win a signed copy of any one of A.M. Johnson’s books. You can do that by clicking on the Contests tab at the top of the page, or by clicking here. Remember – a comment on any December FAOM post (this one for example) is one of the ways to enter! 

So drop me your suggestion or just say Hi! And in the meantime, happy reading!!

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