Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FAOM: One Last Thing for January

It has been a fantastic month here on Ups, Downs, Ins & Outs with Kelly Lyman - the January Featured Author of the Month (FAOM). It has honestly been a blast getting to know her through both parts of her interview, her book (because yes, I do feel you can get to know authors to a certain degree through their writings), her guest post, and by following her on social media. As it inevitably does, time marches on and the days remaining in January are down to just one more, which means our time with Kelly as our main squeeze is very nearly up.


But there is one last thing that we really, truly, must do before the page on the calendar turns. After all, two special someone’s are patiently waiting to find out whether they’re the luck ones who will be receiving a free copy of Lyman’s The Petticoat Letters from the FAOM Giveaway that has been running all month.

Before I do announce who those winners are I want to thank everyone who entered. The Petticoat Letters is a wonderfully rich tale that I was happily surprised by - I love historical romance and have rather high expectations for the genre. In fact I very rarely rate a book (on Goodreads, Amazon or other vendors) with anything over 4-stars, but I was more than happy to give The Petticoat Letters a coveted 5-star rating and review after I finished reading it! Its been about a week since I completed my reading and I still find myself occasionally lost in thought over various things that happened in the story, or daydreaming about what may be coming next for the main characters: Nora Bishop and Alex Foster.

It really was that good.

I suppose I should tell you all who will be getting those free copies now, right?

Okay, okay. It is truly my honour to announce the winners of the January FAOM Giveaway are: 
Cassandra D. and Amanda F

I wish them the warmest of congratulations and a very happy reading!

Didn’t win a free copy? That’s okay - you can get a copy of The Petticoat Letters by Kelly Lyman today for less then $5.

Until next time friends, happy reading to you!!

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