Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Featuring Chrissy Peebles - Part 2

So last week I introduced you to YA Author Chrissy Peebles and her blog The Purple Brick Road.  You got a little bit of information about who Chrissy is, and what her blog is about.  This week I’m going to share more of the interview I did with Chrissy – share with you more about her, her writing, and her life.

All I can say is: Enjoy.


So Chrissy, why did you [always] want to be a writer?
It’s hard to explain…but there’s this writing passion deep down in your soul…and it can’t be quenched. I think only another writer can understand it, because friends and family sure can’t. (at [not] least mine)
And what genre do you write in?
What made you choose this genre?
I knew I had to write what I loved…and to me there’s no greater genre than fantasy. I also love that in fantasy I can push the envelope outside normal boundaries. I can stretch my imagination and develop a whole new world, create quirky characters, and just have fun.
Have you ever considered, or tried writing in another genre? Even just for fun?
Hmmm. I’d love to write a chick lit book! I love the personal, sarcastic, and humorous tone to the books.  I really adore how humor is a strong point in chick lit. That’s what separates it from women’s fiction. 
How long were you writing before you were first published?
[For] a few years.
Did you have any/many rejections before getting your first ‘yes’?
I had many rejection letters and let me tell you…they make GREAT paper airplanes!
So where or how do you come up with your ideas?
Ideas just come to me like water pouring from a faucet.
Alright then, would you say you’re a plotter or a pantser?
Writing is like ballet. It looks so easy and graceful until you try it yourself. Writing is definitely a process.
And yes, I have mine.
I get an idea. I get super excited. I brainstorm like crazy and jot down ideas like a crazy woman. I’m like the mad scientist of writing. Then I just write as I go. I don’t use outlines or any structure. I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” girl. At this stage, I don’t think about word-count, grammar, spelling and punctuation. All I do is keep writing!
Finally my 1st draft is done. It isn’t pretty, but it’s like a diamond in the rough. I keep revising and revising until it’s perfect, using the A.R.R.R. (Adding, Rearranging, Removing, Replacing) approach.
Once my script meets my standards, I go through an aggressive editing phase.  My “inner editor” drives me crazy and sometimes won’t even let me sleep.
But no one gets it right the first time. It takes multiple drafts-like 20!
And then don’t forget the most important part, run it through a critique/writing group and use an editor. Never ever skip these steps!!!!!!! I can’t stress that enough.
How much time do you spend writing each day?
Not much. I’ve been working on editing issues and my new blog and other social outlets. Throw in a husband, needy kids, a hectic work schedule…and one understands. I really need a clone, that, or 4 more arms! Wait! I need to rephrase part of that last bit. …kids and a NEEDY HUSBAND. Yeah, I think he’s worse than the kids, but I love him anyway.

What are some of the titles that you’ve written, or are working on?
My first book was Agartha’s Castaway. My second book was the sequel. And my third book is The Ruby Ring  (sorry) now titled Eternal Vows. It’s still a work in progress.
Is there anything you would change about your books, stories or characters now that you’ve finished writing them?
No, I’m pretty happy.
Now lets talk about something besides writing, shall we… What do you do to relax?
Relax? I’ve never heard of that word. Does that really exist for moms? Hee, hee, hee. I’m making a last minute mad scramble to make sure my kids have matching clothes, lunches, and backpacks on, and then I’m running out the door half-dressed, a pop tart in one hand, and the phone in the other? And it’s not my cell phone! Shoot. I have to go back. And the rest of my day isn’t any less hectic. The tight-rope act between balancing work, writing, and family is difficult. (but worth it) I think on a day off, I love to read a good book curled up on the couch with a cuddly blanket next to the fireplace in the winter. And when it’s summer, I go down to the beach and throw down a blanket and just read until I have to come home to get the kids off the school bus.
If you could go anywhere in the world to visit or live where would you go?
I’d love to go scuba diving under the Galapagos Islands. Can you imagine swimming with giant mantas, turtles, dolphins, tuna, and sea lions? And let’s not forget about the 32 species of sharks! White tip reef sharks, whale sharks, bull sharks, and large schools of hammerhead sharks swim throughout the clear waters. Am I scared? : ) Nope. I think I’m more likely to be killed by lightning or a bee sting than by a shark attack. I think it would be incredible! Mind-blowing! And totally cool!
What are your favorite comfort foods?
Chicken and Dumplings! Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes. Meatloaf. Yum… And I love French fries. I eat as many as I want because they’re vegetables. Right? (At least until they hit the hot oil)
LOL! So here’s a random question: if you could pick one celebrity to meet and have a 5-minute conversation with – who would it be and what’s one thing you would ask them?
I’d pick super sexy vampire hunk, Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. (played by actor Ian Somerhalder) I love his beautiful black hair and those piercing blue eyes. I just hope he doesn’t have “bat” breath. I’d ask him this: Why doesn’t he dump his feelings for Elena and just date me? I won’t play games like her. LOL.  
And I have to ask this because I couldn’t live without my coffee each day, and I hardly ever write without my mug right there beside the keyboard… so it’s a truly personal question: coffee or tea?
Neither. I’d rather have a Pepsi.
LOL, again! I guess I can’t really dock you there because if I’m not drinking coffee, chances are there is Pepsi or Diet Coke in my cup…


Thanks so much for stopping by Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs and thanks for reading this blog post featuring Chrissy Peebles and her blog.  Again you can find Chrissy online in any of these three places!


Heidi Ruby Miller said...

"Writing is like ballet. It looks so easy and graceful until you try it yourself."

So true!

Oh, and I would pick both the Galapagos and Ian as well. ;)

Thanks for sharing, Chrissy! (You have to do this for me one day on my blog!)

And, thank you, LD, for bringing Chrissy to us. :)

Jenn said...

Excellent interview!! I really enjoyed meeting Chrissy. Cheers, Jenn