Friday, June 5, 2015

Finding Love - Truly Madly Deeply REVIEW

Truly Madly Deeply by Brenda Pandos
(Truly Madly Deeply #1)

Publication date: February 19th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Maddy finally has everything she’s ever wanted: a decent job, her own place with her BFF, a great guy… well, he isn’t exactly perfect, but who is?
Logan will soon have it all: a degree at a pristine college, a job at his girlfriend’s fathers firm, a gorgeous girl to share it with. Then why isn’t he happy?

Maddy’s world shatters when she catches her best friend and boyfriend cheating. Forced to start over, she takes a job far away from home.
Logan’s summer job options fizzle out. Nearly broke and desperate, he’s forced to take a job as a camp counselor for the summer.

Maddy swears off guys, even to the point of lying and saying she’s taken. But when Logan comes along, she fights feelings that are surfacing for him.
If Logan has everything he wants, then why can’t he stop thinking about Maddy?

Secrets. Lies. Summer Camp.



Your best day becomes your worst, and then you have to live with the consequences. 

Twenty year old Maddy is on top of the world and feels as if finally circumstances are starting to turn her way. She's finally going to be able to move out of her mother's house, a blessing because it'll be an escape from her moms alcoholism. She's moving in with her best friend. And she hopes that things with her boyfriend will start to turn around too. 

Unfortunately, her best friend and her boyfriend have been lying to her and deal her the ultimate in betrayal. She loses the money she'd need to be able to move out of her mothers. Then of course, she looses her job too. 

Now she's headed back to the summer camp she loved as a teenager, this time as an employee instead of a camper, but even that is marred by the fact that she's not going to have the position that she'd always hoped and dreamed for.  At camp she discovers old friends from her years there as a teen also working for the summer - as counsellors.  Add in a couple of new people, the gorgeous Logan for example, and she can't decide whether working at Camp Redwood Springs is going to be awesome or hell. 

Sometimes you read a story and you have a hard time relating or you do, but you're constantly asking yourself 'why' or 'what'? Or you read a story and it's like looking in a crystal ball and seeing your own life - how you hoped it'd be, how it is, the good, the bad, the sometimes not-so-sure. One of the things that I do really like about TRULY MADLY DEEPLY is that it could be any of those things. 

I also like all the characters - the good and the bad. Maddy and Syd. Dirk, and Matt, and Logan, and Kitty. Even Gage and Allie serve their purpose. What I really like, what's snagged my attention and has me looking forward to the next instalment of the story, is that while we know that Maddy has herself mired in lies and misinformation, all in an attempt to make her and her life look better than it really is, I couldn't help but wonder "what about the rest of them"? The other counsellors whose lives sound all rosy, are their lives really as good as the seem, or are they too embellishing, exaggerating, and even lying to make themselves appear better to their peers? I suppose the only way to know for sure, will be to read the next part of the story when it's available. 

So, in case you haven't guessed, I do, definitely, absolutely recommend this story for your TBR list. It's a cute and refreshing read.  It's pretty short in length too so that's nice with summer coming up on us so quick. There are no deep, dark, twisty plot bunnies - at least not that I've discovered as yet. So yes, read it and I think even if you don't love it, you'll still be pleased you did. 

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