Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Special Event on Facebook

Did you hear I'm hosting a Facebook Event for the spookiest day of the year?

Check out the Halloween HauntEvent -
taking place on October 30th, 2015!

Author Takeovers by:
Rebekah Raymond, Shana Gorian, Suki Sather, Aimee Shaye, Kindra Sowder, Amanda Leigh Morey, Dawn Stanton, Allison Whitmore & Stephanie Pratt!
And we've got a bunch of goodies to give away during the week leading up to the event too!!
Come and hang out with us on October 30th - we're going to have a howling good time at the Halloween Haunt!!!
Share & Invite, Invite, Invite!

For all the event details and takeover schedule, go to the event page and explore!


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