Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just a Quick Note...

I just wanted to take a moment and check in with everybody. I've been notably absent from my blogs during the past week or so, and even my social media presence has been relatively minimal. While I apologize for this absence, it was unfortunately unavoidable.  I've suffered for more than 20 years with back issues and in recent years those issues, while not of very frequent occurrence have become increasing painful and difficult to deal with.

My back did go out early last week and left me nearly completely incapacitated for over a day and with a wide range of muscle and nerve problems in the aftermath. I am still not back to normal capacity and have to limit the amount of time that I'm able to be at my computer each day.

I will continue to do what I can from my phone and iPad, but some aspects that I have to use the computer for my be affected for the interim.

That said...

The Halloween Haunt will be running from 5-11pm (MST) this Friday, October 30th - complete with author takeovers, giveaways, contests, games and LOTS of fun! If you haven't joined us yet simply go HERE and click join! Pre-event giveaways are already underway but I still have plenty of goodies to give to all you fine folks!!! To see all of the event details check under the Special Events page here on my blog :-)

So I've got to ask... Are you coming to the Halloween Haunt?

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