Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How About a NEW Giveaway?

As a book blogger I am forever thankful to the authors out there who are happy to donate prizes for me to give away... And of course I'm also thankful to all the folks who read my blog(s) and follow my social media pages, because let's face it - with out you I'd have no one, and no reason, to give stuff away. A little earlier today I was happy to announce the winner for the last FAST giveaway (THE NIGHT by N.R. Larry). Now I'm equally as happy to announce ANOTHER FAST GIVEAWAY!!!

Up for grabs now is WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS by Scott K. Haskin. This book is a bit of a detour for me (as far as the genre is concerned) but if there is one thing I love almost as much as reading and writing, except my kids of course, it's travel. Having been to Las Vegas, and having been one of the multitude of tourists walking aimlessly up and down the strip, very likely gaping in awe at the sights, sounds and people I encountered, I can honestly tell you that WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS is a book that I personally do look forward to reading and looking through.

by Scott K. Haskin

Take a walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip, bobbing and weaving through casinos, restaurants and shopping centers. See the sights and, more importantly, hear the sounds. “What Happened in Vegas” takes you on a journey down this world-famous street so you can experience one of the true, yet often overlooked, treasures of this magical town: people watching.

You’ll get a peek at the random, curious statements and questions you may very well hear at any given moment With 450 captured random moments, you are sure to find plenty to make you smile, laugh or just wonder what exactly is going on.

To bring the experience even more to life, over 75 pictures are included that are just as random as the phrases themselves, rounding off this truly unique Las Vegas experience. The only things missing are the smells of alcohol and stale cigarettes…

So... take a minute and enter to win this fascinating book today and you could win!

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