Wednesday, January 10, 2018

FAOM: Romance During the American Revolution

Back in November when it first came out I spotlighted this book as a new release. Now I’m sharing it with you once again because it is the debut work from January’s Featured Author of the Month, Kelly Lyman.

The Petticoat Letters is a historical romance set during the American Revolution. It’s main character Nora Bishop is a 20-year old, unmarried woman in a time when women were considered far less capable then men. What they could do and what they could handle, while fierce at home, was assumed to be simply less than what men could do and what men could handle. It is my belief, after having only read a small bit of this book so far, that Miss Nora Bishop is going to prove that belief to be entirely false.

Will she? Won’t she?...

The only way to find out for sure is to get the book and find out!

The Petticoat Letters
by Kelly Lyman

At the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, Nora Bishop’s home is burned to the ground – along with her dreams, plans and all her family members except one. At 20-years-old and still unmarried, she moves to Manhattan to live with her Loyalist uncle, hoping to find her brother who has joined the Patriot cause against her late family’s wishes.

But, battle breaks out and she finds herself at the mercy of one American ranger, Alex Foster, who is the only person in a position to bring her to safety. Her growing feelings toward Alex and his passion for freedom help her re-evaluate her stance on the case for independence and makes her question her loyalties further.

When she is asked to spy for the rebels, she agrees.

But can she partake in the act of treason and do what is asked of her when the sadistic Captain William Roth seems to watch her every move and threatens the life of her brother who has been captured?

And how can she grow closer to Alex when the war threatens to tear them apart?

Or for the time-being you could take your chances and hope to win a free copy? Enter to win the January FAOM Giveaway – Kelly and I are giving away 2 e-copies of The Petticoat Letters at the end of the month! Have you entered yet??

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